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Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad, Macbooks, and AppleTV's for versions 15 and higher

Compatible with devices ranging from A8 to A11, and apple T2.

macOS terminal running palera1n
Gain access to your devices shell

palera1n includes tools like dropbear (port 44), a rather (insecure) telnet option if specified, and a binpack with basic command line utilities

Default Package Managers

After jailbreaking palera1n gives you options to be able to customize your device to the fullest if you choose to do so

Customize your experience

Choose your environment type through palera1n CLI, there are multiple options like Rootless and Full-root (Rootful) jailbreak types

Open Source

palera1n is open source software, along with all the other components palera1n uses to help you jailbreak. All repositories can be found on our github organization


palera1n is actively maintained and will be updated to support new versions of iOS / iPadOS / Bridge / tvOS if they ever release and happen to break our tool