Latest Release

v2.0.0 beta 6: Bakepale


- Loader has been rewritten in this beta, any issues that come around will be fixed in a later beta.

- Able to jailbreak the device in fakefs-rootful mode, where / is writable, as well as rootless mode, where / cannot be written to.

- On A11 devices, that is, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the passcode cannot be used.

- On A11 devices, on iOS 15, the passcode must be off while jailbroken.

- On A11 devices, on iOS 16, the passcode must be off since restore, and "Reset All Contents and Settings" from settings app counts as a restore. A backup may be used in this case.


Highlighted changes

- iOS 16.4 - 16.4.1 support

- BindFS 16.0+ support

- New rewritten loader app

- Baked with bakera1n (?)

palera1n Loader

- 90%~ less in size (290kb) (approximate)

- Fully rewritten loader in UIKit, with some localisations for Chinese and Japanese

- Loader creates a randomized string jb-XXXXXXXX that would contain the procursus folder, similar to Dopamine

- A lot of debugging info

- Download progress bar

- Hide environment option, for jailbreak detection (on rootless)

- Updated bootstraps

Other device-side changes

- For existing rootless installs, your procursus folder will now include having a randomized string

^ /private/preboot/uuid/procursus to /private/preboot/uuid/jb-XXXXXXXX/procursus

- Missing /var/jb symlink will be moved when jailbreaking rootless

- cfprefsd hook for rootless

Verbose changes

- Creating FakeFS / BindFS will be more noticeable for the user

CLI changes

- Update credits

Known Issues

- If stuck at booting pongoOS or found Pongo USB mode device, Ctrl+C, type exit, then retry, don't reboot the device. It happens on A9 and older devices. If it still doesn't work, you can also try unplugging and replugging the device.

- ( Rootful ) Make sure you created fakeFS/bindFS before jailbreaking with rootful, or else you'll also be stuck on the pongoOS screen.

- Using libhooker-oss will kill launchd

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