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v2.0.0 beta 5: Tumbleweed

Published on: 03 / 22 / 2023

Full Documenation

- Able to jailbreak the device in fakefs-rootful mode, where / is writable, as well as rootless mode, where / cannot be written to.

- On A11 devices, that is, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the passcode cannot be used.

- On A11 devices, on iOS 15, the passcode must be off while jailbroken.

- On A11 devices, on iOS 16, the passcode must be off since restore, and "Reset All Contents and Settings" from settings app counts as a restore. A backup may be used in this case.


palera1n Loader

- Removed palera1n droplet from title

- Added userspace reboot option

- Added socials in credits

- Made terminal window show your jbtype

- Changed the content view gradient to be animated

- Added debug options (triple tap a title in settings)

- palera1n app colors are different depending on iOS version

- If you're not bootstrapped, loader will not display any options apart from install and open trollhelper

- Rootless will not display an option to install other package managers

Other device-side changes

- Dyld patch

^ Remove Mach-O platform restrictions. (i.e. tvOS and bridgeOS binaries can now be ran on iOS, and vice versa)

- Update tools and SSH server in the builtin binpack

- Kernel patchfidner does not crash on 16.4 anymore (NOTE: palera1n still does not work on iOS 16.4)

CLI changes

- Changed format of the version string

- Credits now goes into standard error instead of standard output

- Added -S, --no-colors to not output any colours

- -O, --disable-ohio is gone because Ohio has been deleted


- Clarified about the -f, --fakefs flag.

Known Issues

- If stuck at booting pongoOS or found Pongo USB mode device, Ctrl+C, type exit, then retry, don't reboot the device. It happens on A9 and older devices. If it still doesn't work, you can also try unplugging and replugging the device. ( Rootful ) Make sure you created fakeFS/bindFS before jailbreaking with rootful, or else you'll also be stuck on the pongoOS screen.

- ( Rootful ) "panic: mount exited (exit status 66)" issue with BindFS on iOS 16, use FakeFS instead.

- Does not work on iOS 16.4, attempting to do so will cause an infinite loop trying to mount the rootfs

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